Cecile D. Edwards
Senior Manager

Cecile Edwards, M.Ed has a passion for maternal & child health/family wellness and believes it is a cornerstone to a well society. Cecile is a Postpartum Doula, Maternal Equity Consultant and Maternal Mental Health & Wellness Advocate, NJ Paid Family Leave Leader, Perinatal/Postpartum Family Coach assisting individuals, families, organizations in facilitating conversations and creating systems that improve maternal wellness via her business MommyEvolve. Cecile is a 16+ year educator and a member of Advocates for Children of New Jersey’s Parent Leadership Council. Cecile was a proud member of the New Jersey Birth Equity Funders Alliance Community Advisory Committee and is happy to continue to work side by side as the new Senior Manager for the New Jersey Birth Equity Funders Alliance. Cecile looks forward to working with philanthropic organizations and community organizations to build capacity for community work. Cecile loves to hike and travel. She lives in Somerset, NJ with her 14-year-old daughter.

Kérène Kabambi
Assistant Project Manager

As assistant project manager, Kérène is responsible for supporting all the going-ons of the Alliance, including collaborating with the Nurture NJ team, supporting NJBEFA grantees and technical assistance recipients, managing the NJBEFA Learning Series, and working with the Community Advisory Committee to award funding to community-based organizations led by and serving people of color.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Kérène completed a two-year fellowship at the Burke Foundation, where she managed a portfolio of maternal and infant health grants.